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What people say who worked with me:
“Nicola delivers a high level of creative quality combined with a good understanding of customer requirements. This starts with the strategically oriented concept and extends to the visual implementation.”
Ingo Rütten — Managing Director and Consultant at Zielwerk GmbH
“Nicola is one of the best researchers I have ever met, including myself. She doesn't advertise that quality enough but can figure out the most complex topic and transform it into a coherent story.”
Igor Schwarzmann — Senior Director Strategic Design at Edenspiekermann (formerly Managing Director at Third Wave GmbH)
“Working with Nicola is both inspiring and empowering. Her high level of process professionalism, her commitment, and her team-play make it very easy for me as a client. At the same time, her creative suggestions inspire ideas and make my visions tangible immediately. I have rarely experienced this combination before.”
Dr. Julia Kropf – Moderator and Business Coach
“I don't want to miss Nicola's expertise for B2B marketing and visual branding. Her sense of the fine details that make the difference, the contribution of ideas, and that she always keeps the overall context in mind makes the collaboration very pleasant and gives me the good feeling that our branding and content creation is in the best hands. All around recommendation.”
Stephanie Wissmann — Vice President Digital and Growth at tyntec GmbH
“Those who want to transform highly complex topics into wonderful stories with a strategic orientation need the team of Nicola and Katrin. In collaboration, not only is the consistently high level of creativity and quality evident, but also a keen sense for details. They never lose sight of the bigger picture. We always get the best out of our projects with this team.”
Norma Schmidt-Renner about the collaboration with the concept team Nicola Holtkamp and Katrin Tettenborn – Project Management at Content Optimizer GmbH (formerly Digital Communication Director at Agidium)
“Working with Nicola, we got to the heart of our project. Involving her in the creative process from the beginning has proven particularly rewarding for us!”
Indre Zetzsche — Business Manager at Ramboll Management Consulting (formerly Director New Biz & Senior PM at DIHK Service GmbH)
“Nicola is one of the rare designers who can be ideally involved in the team for strategic processes. Beyond the creative part, she analyzes design in a bigger context and thus makes strategies assessable. There are not so many designers of this kind.”
Gerald Hensel — Managing Partner at superspring GmbH (formerly Strategy Director Digital at Scholz & Friends)
“Attentive, creative, fast and patient in communication - that’s the collaboration with Nicola. Good results always come out of it!”
Marguerite Joly — Managing Director und Consultant at MAIConsulting (formerly Manager New Business Initiatives at Ullstein Buchverlage)
Brands and companies I've worked for:
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz, Clariant, DAL - Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing, Deutsche Post, DIHK, DKE - Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik, Eduard Dressler, Elisabeth Ruge Agentur, Fraport, IG Metall, ING Bank, Messe München, LSG Sky Chef, Lufthansa Cargo, Merial, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, reinisch, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket, Schufa, Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Mobilität, Verkehr, Klimaschutz und Umwelt, tyntec, Ullstein Buchverlage, Vattenfall, VDE – Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik, VNG - Verbundnetz Gas, Wire
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